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Research Article
East Indian Sandalwood Oil Suppresses IL-17-Dependent and -Independent Inflammatory Psoriasis Characteristics
Manju Sharma, Ian Clements, Paul Castella, Michael E Cox
Research Article
Comparative Study of the Conventional Dressing and Absence of Dressing on the Caesarean Section Wound at The Nianankoro Fomba Hospital’s Maternity Ward of Segou
Bocoum A, Traoré Y, Traoré T, Fané S, Sanogo S, Kouma A, Kanté I, Sima M, Sissoko A, Traore SO, Tegueté I, Coulibaly MP, Wane A, Mounkoro N, Dolo A
Research Article
Potentially Inappropriate Medication-Related Adverse Drug Reaction among Hospitalized Geriatric Patients: A Combined Interventional Study
Muath Fahmi Najjar, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Hashim Balubaid, Mohamed Sallout, Mohammed Alessa, Numan Alabdan, Majed Al Jeraisy
Case Report
Parycalcitol + J131 - A New Route to Treatment Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Long-term Dialysis?
Krzysztof Dziewanowski , Radoslaw Drozd
Short Review
LncRNAs Regulate the PDLSCs Osteogenic Differentiation in Periodontitis
Yuerong Xu, Zuolin Jin, Mingming Zhang
Research Article
Return of a Forgotten Right: Application of the Right to be Forgotten in Criminal Justice
Zheng Xi
Research Article
Identification of Ulva sp. Grown in Multitrophic Aquaculture Systems
Glauco Favot, Aschwin Hillebrand Engelen, Maria Emília Cunha, Maria Ester Álvares Serrão
Research Article
Morphologic Variations of End Trunks of M1 Segment of Middle Cerebral Artery
Valvita Reçi, Sadi Bexheti