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HTML, CSS, Javascript, Advanced Javascript,fundamentals of Typescript

Mock Test on Pre-Requisites or fundamentals

Extending JavaScript, V8, The Process Object, basics of TypeScript.

Broadcasting Events, Listening for Events, Timers, Understanding the Event Loop, Callbacks and errors

Exporting Steams, Creating and HTTP Server, The Request objects, Working with Headers, Handling Post Data

Directories & iterating overs files and folders, Reading from File, Writing to a File

Mock test on NodeJS including Pre-requisites

Installing Express and Making it Easier to Build Web Server, Routes, Static File and Middleware, JSON

Mock test on NodeJS and Express JS

Relational Database and SQL, Node & MYSQL, NoSQL and Documents, Node and MongoDB, CRUD operation using MongoDB, Database and ORM Tool

A project on NodeJS and Express JS

  • Angular fundamentals and Installation of Angular
  • Understand the capabilities of Angular Framework such as Components, templates, Directives and Services
  • Routing and Navigation
  • Forms, Forms type and Form validations
  • HTTP Client
  • Event Handlings

Mock test on Angular

A project on NodeJS, ExpressJS and Angular

This course includes:
  1. Sessions: 9
  2. Projects: 2
  3. Quizzes: 4
  4. 4 downloadable resources
  5. Full lifetime access